Subjects & Courses


Subjects & Courses

Four times enrollment opportunity in a year.

There are four opportunities to apply for the school in a year. New classes start in January, April, July and October every year.

Attentive guidance is given towards each student.

Tremendous effort is made for each individual guidance towards improving the students’ competence. Students can consult seriously with their counselor about what to do after graduation.

There are some colleges that have established a good program of admission on recommendation.


CLARK provides school scholarship to the students for every qualified CLARK student.

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January  1 year and 3 months course
April        2 year course
July        1 year and 9 months course
October  1 year and 6 months course

University and Graduate Bound Course

Basic abilities in Japanese language, such as pronunciation, reading, writing and conversation, are cultivated during the fist year in aiming to achieve the level of JLPT Grade 3. During the cecond year, the skills in reading, writing listening and speaking are enhanced in a balaned manner in aiming to achieve profciency for university and graduateschool.


This is a course for students who have attended a partner vocational school and then want to attend a university/graduate school after graduation. The aim of the course is for students to steadily acquiring the fundamental academic skills in Japanese and Japanese language ability at a JLPT N2 level by the time of graduation.

School Time (Morning or Afternoon)


1st. 2nd class 9:00   - 10:30
3rd class 10:40 - 11:40
4th class 11:50 - 12:40


1st. 2nd class 13:20 - 14:50
3rd class 15:00 - 16:00
4th class 16:10 - 17:00