Philosophy of Clark


Philosophy of Clark

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of our school on October 1st, 2008. As we move towards our 30th anniversary, we continue to work towards a higher standard of education and work.

CLARK opens the door for you to the international stage.

School Master of Clark Foreign Language School, Yu Li Li

Our school is located in Motomachi, the heart of Kobe city, a very convenient to commute to school. Kobe City has a wonderful natural environment facing the sea in the south and with lush mountains to the north. In 2013, we will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of out founding. We contintue to improve our educational facilities, be staffed with good teachers, and make the most of our advantages to promise you a comfortable and productive life as a student in Japan.Even if you are from different countries, the time we are sharing together in the big family of Clark will become and rewarding experience. You are able to experience and understand different cultures through our classes and international exchanges. Clark provides you many chances to connect with the international stage. Your study will be enhanced as you can quickly use what you learned in daily life. What you are going to study here in not only Japanese, but also a culture and a way of thinking. Your efforts will be rewarded and will become an invaluable experience in your life.