School Advantages

Clark Foreign Language School Advantages

CLARK is located in the center of Kobe city. We are preparing for every student an excellent study environment with the latest equipment and original support service.

 Emergency contact network

Providing 24 hours emergency communication network system. Warnings from Meteorological Agency and others are delivered to students’ via email on their mobile phones.

Counsling Service

If you encountered any problems and difficulties in your life, we are here to support you. You can talk to school counselors.

 Support of Part-time job

We introduce suitable and recommendable part-time jobs to our students

 Substantial dormitory and apartment house

For student`s financial support and security purpose, we offer school and off-campus residences

Educational Advancement Support

We provide servicse to find suitable schools for students by referring their abilities to desirable schools such as national, public or private universities, and /or colleges of technology, and provide coaching for interviews and entrance examinations.

 Students Support

We have staff members who are able to interpret for you to help you handle a variety of formalities