History of Clark


History of Clark

Street address 〒650-0012
Fujishin Bldg., 8F, 4-4-18, Kitanagasadoori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Japan
TEL・FAX TEL: 078-391-3411
FAX: 078-391-4344, 078-391-6100
E–mail info@clark.ac.jp
Establishment October 1988
Business Japanese-language school
Short term course
Dispatched lecturer
Student support・Management and administration of school facilities


1988 “Clark Foreign Language School” opened in Nagata Ward, Kobe City(October 1)
1989 Was certified as a Japanese language institution by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.
1991 Relocated to the new school building in front of JR Kobe station
1992 Established the ‘Jyoukei Gakuen’ and was approved by Hyogo Prefecture.

Established and opened ‘CLARK International Vocational School’ (two-year-education)

Approved as the first Vocational school of Japanese Language in Japan.

(Cooperation with CLARK Foreign Language School realized Japanese only education of four years.)

1994 Over 300 students
1995 Temporary closure due to the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake.
2001 「Clark International College」Restart
2002 ‘CLARK / MIZUTA Memorial Scholarship’ was launched.

‘CLARK / MIZUTA Memorial Scholarship’ was launched.

2003 Established the ‘International Japanese Promotion Corporation’

Purchased a school building (North Building) at Ohwakidai, Kita-ku, Kobe

2004 Opened the ‘CLARK Northwest International Vocational School’ (two-year-education)
2006 Opened a Japanese language preliminary course at the ‘CLARK International Vocational School’.
2007 Shinkobe Central Station school building moved to Sannomiy Center Plaza West Building 7th floor.
2008 The ‘CLARK Foreign Language School’ and ‘College Preparatory preliminary Course in Japanese of CLARK International Vocational School’ received a school certification.
2010 Over 650 students(January)
2013 The campus moved to the Fujishin Building which is nearby JR/Hanshin Motomachi station.