Campus Life


The annual cultural presentation is held in March. Students from beginners to advanced get together and show their learning effort through dance, songs or craftwork.

Atmosphere of class

Extracurricular activities

Educational trip

CLARK students have off-campus studies or field trips regularly to deepen their knowledge about Japanese culture and lifestyle. These are good opportunities not only for expanding the knowledge but making fun memories with many schoolmates as well.


General Meeting

All full-time and part-time lecturers and school staff members gather together, discuss and examine the content of the lesson and the educational problems of the students. These general meetings are held twice a year to review and incorporate any new information into the curriculum as for the next term.

Educational Advancement Support

We will do our best to help the students to find schools that suits their hope and ability, from national/public/private universities or graduate schools to various colleges such as computers, beauty, animation, or fashion.

Annual seasonal Japanese 

At the school campus, we have annual seasonal Japanese events such as Tanabata and Setsubun, to help students can feel the changing seasons of Japan.