About Kobe, Kansai Region


About Kobe, Kansai Region

Kansai, supporting Japanese economy and culture

The region contains four big cities. Traditional and culturally rich city, KYOTO, the merchant city, OSAKA, the historical city, NARA, and many other towns with their own distinctive characteristics. KOBE, situated in this diversified region, enjoys its international reputation as a leader in fashion, the latest technologies and trends. Let’s study together in such a vibrant city KOBE.

Kobe City is unique for its cozy living environment

Kobe is nestled between the sea and lush mountains. People with various nationalities including those from many Asian countries call Kobe their home. With a high degree of cross-cultural understanding, Kobe openly welcomes overseas residents and visitors. Furthermore, Kobe has more cozy atmosphere with a lower cost of living, compared to Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto Region. Many students from around the world who are enthusiastically learning Japanese at Clark Foreign Language School and Clark International College are pursuing their dreams in the highly conductive environment of Kobe. Sannomiya, the nearest station to the schools is readily accessible by various modes of public transportation including JR, Hanykyu & Hanshin Railways, two municipal subwaylines, the Portliner tram and bus network that covers most major places in the city. The schools are located on the top floor of the Center Plaza Building West Annex, which is conveniently located only in a five-minute walk from Sannomiya stations. Center Plaza West accommodates various restaurants including world famous Kobe Beef, traditional Japanese and Chinese cuisine, confectionaries and bakeries with a variety of menus at affordable prices, which provides additional features to satisfy learning experience of students.